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When camping outdoors, which fire tool will you choose?

When camping outdoors, it’s important to choose the right fire tool. The choice of tool depends on the situation and the type of fire you want to build. Matches, lighters, fire starters, and ferrocerium rods are most-used.

There are always strong winds, heavy rain and night scenes in the wild. At these times, fire tools will be the best choice. Let we show you the advantages and disadvantages of various ignition tools!


Using matches outdoors can be a great way to start a fire when camping or hiking

When camping outdoors, which fire tool will you choose?Matches&suprus lighter

  • Matches are light and easy to carry
  • portability and ease of use


  • The matches can be difficult to light in windy conditions

  • Matches cannot be used when wet

  • Hard tofind it in a dark environment

2.Ferrocerium rods

When camping outdoors, which fire tool will you choose?Ferrocerium rods&suprus lighter

Ferrocerium rods (also called ferro rods, spark rods, and flint-spark-lighters) are commonly used as an emergency fire lighting device in survival kits because of their ability to ignite in adverse conditions.

They are made of a synthetic pyrophoric alloy of mischmetal (cerium, lanthanum, neodymium, other trace lanthanides and some iron – about 95% lanthanides and 5% iron) hardened by blending in oxides of iron and/or magnesium12.

  • Starts fire instantly
  • Highly versatile
  • Long-lasting
  • Works in pretty much all environments


  • Bad-quality ferro rods may produce a lower amount of sparks and those sparks may not be nearly as hot
  • It can be difficult to use with gloves or unsteady hands but this will also depend on the size of the ferro rod that you are using
  • Hard tofind it in a dark environment

3.SUPRUS Waterproof Luminous Lighter 3 Modes of Flashlight  for Outdoor Adventures.

If your want a reliable fire tool for outdoor adventures, This lighter is designed to work even in wet conditions,  Its luminous feature allows easy use in low light conditions,  This lighter has a  feature that prevents the flame from blowing out, even in windy , Its  feature ensures that it can still function even when submerged in water.

SUPRUS Waterproof Luminous Lighter 3 Modes of Flashlight Windproof Lighter Dual Arc Electric Lighters Rechargeable Dual Arc Plasma Lighter with Survival Emergency Whistle and Lanyard outdoor

  • Survival lights
  • Windproof(indestructible)
  • Waterproof
  • Survival Emergency Whistle
  • Kindling rope
  • Ableto hung around the neck to carry with you
  • flashlight
  • Need to charge


All in all, When you go outdoors for camping, there are limited resources for making fire, and a SUPRUS Arc Lighter can prove to be a best fire starter even a lifesaver! So don’t forget to take it with kindling for outdoor adventures.


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