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Comparison of Butane Lighter and arc lighters

Arc lighters, also known as electric lighters or plasma lighters, use a high-voltage electrical arc to produce heat that can ignite materials. The arc is created by passing an electric current between two electrodes, which generates a plasma arc that can reach temperatures of up to 1652 degrees Fahrenheit  Arc lighters are powered by rechargeable batteries and can produce a flame without the need for fuel or gas.

Traditional lighters, on the other hand, use a flammable fuel, typically butane, to create a flame. When the fuel is ignited by a spark from a flint, it creates a flame that can be adjusted in size by adjusting the fuel flow. Traditional lighters require regular refilling of fuel and replacement of the flint.sustainable charging design of suprus arc lighter

When comparing arc lighters and traditional lighters, there are several factors to consider.

Firstly, arc lighters are generally more environmentally friendly since they do not require the use of fuel, which can release harmful emissions.

Secondly, arc lighters are windproof and can work in harsh weather conditions, while traditional lighters may struggle to create a flame in strong winds.

comparing arc lighters and traditional lighters

Maybe you have encountered the situation that the lighter is out of gas.
SUPRUS have developed to show the remaining power by LED battery level display to help the users to charge the lighter before it is empty.

In terms of sustainability and environmental protection, arc lighters will be the choice of more and more people


butane lighter

arc lighters

suprus arc lighter
Brand Other SUPRUS
Recharge Time Need Butane Fuel  USB rechargeable 1 hour ( battery life 500 cycles ) 


Manual control

10 Seconds automatic power off


Butane gas is flammable, explosive, and toxic

Use rechargeable battery and with overdischarge,
overload and short circuit protection


Flame, Burns

Flameless , odour free


No Windproof and can't use in wet environment

Windproof & Splashproof 





1-year Warranty

suprus arc lighters are windproof and can work in harsh weather conditions


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