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About Us

SUPRUS is a word combination from the words of “Surprise are us”. We are devoted to create the coolest lighters which always bring you surprises.

SUPRUS lighters are designed on concepts of High Technology and Environmental Friendly. The birth of our lighters announced the beginning of a new era in lighter history. SUPRUS stands for the BEST, NEW lighter.

SUPRUS  lighters use large-capacity rechargeable battery. Just plug into powered USB port and take it every where. No more harmful butane, eliminates the need for this harmful chemical.

SUPRUS lighters adopt plasma flameless arc technology, which is energy concentration, oil-free, smoke-free, odorless and windproof. Comparing with traditional lighters and matches, they can ignite candles, stoves, fireworks, etc. in a much more convenient, safer and faster manner.

Let us work together, to accelerate the world’s transition to sustainable energy.

Our mission

Eliminate the need for harmful chemical

SUPRUS  lighters use large-capacity rechargeable battery. Just plug into powered USB port and take it every where. No more harmful butane.

Our promise

We care about your safety

SUPRUS is the company that pursues high-quality product and delighting consumers with superior products and experiences. Child protection safety switch. Flameless, never have to worry about burning your hands. 7 Seconds Automatic Power Off Protection System. Certified Safe Battery With Overload Protection.

Our Story

The Revolution Of The Lighter

Suprus was established in 2003,we sold billions of single-use lighters,Butane lighters,Butane Torch lighter to all the world in the past 18 years. But they are non-recyclable and ultimately end up in a landfill. Now it’s time for changing. It’s time to say good-bye with the disposables and move towards a more sustainable future.Until we found it “Electric lighters”, a lighter with built-in lithium battery, USB rechargeable, no gas or butane required. Works by releasing an arc. Just gently press the switch, it creates a beautiful and magical blue arc, and light the candles so easy. Everything was wonderful.Electric lighters are not only better for the environment. All the features that make them better than standard butane lighters.It is Windproof , Odorless, Rechargeable, no gas or butane required. The extended neck will have you reaching comfortably into hard-to-reach candles.


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