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SUPRUS is an arc lighter brand, established on October 21, 2003, the brand comes from "Surprise are us". The purpose of the brand is to surprise and excite the user. "Surprise" means that the brand should bring a unique experience to users, and "are us" means that everyone can be a creator of surprises.

The founder of SUPRUS brand is a young man full of creativity. He dreams of building his own brand and letting people enjoy his unique imagination and creativity. He realized that compared with traditional lighters, arc lighters can bring people more convenience. So he decided to innovate this product. After a long period of research and development, he successfully launched the first SUPRUS arc lighter, and it was a huge success in the market.

SUPRUS is also committed to environmental protection. The brand uses renewable materials and environmentally friendly packaging to reduce its negative impact on the environment. At the same time, the brand has also participated in a number of public welfare activities, hoping to contribute to the society through practical actions.

SUPRUS is not only an arc lighter brand, but also a way of life. It brings unique experience and memory to users and becomes an indispensable part of young people. The vision of the brand is to continue to innovate and bring more surprises and ideas to users.

SUPRUS' Green TechnologyPromote a healthy and sustainable lifestyle

SUPRUS lighter uses a large-capacity rechargeable battery, USB charging can be carried around, does not contain harmful butane, child protection safety switch, flameless, certified safe battery, 7-10 seconds automatic power-off protection system, don't worry about scalding you hand.

Multiple product lines to meet different customer needsLet SUPRUS Brighten Your Life

In the past two decades, we have listened to the voices of countless consumers and upgraded suprus products many times:
The slender design of the electric arc candle lighter is more suitable for home use
Outdoor electric arc lighters allow more adventure camping enthusiasts to enjoy travel time more comfortably
The sub-brand JETPRO Torch Lighter -With a powerful, wind-resistant flame, durable design, and safety features, it's perfect for kitchenette , cigars, and outdoor fires.


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