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SUPRUS Summer 2024 50% Off Sale

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Customers Rave About SUPRUS Rechargeable Lighters: Butane-Free, Waterproof, and Perfect for Any Occasion

Don't just take our word for it - hear what real customers are saying about SUPRUS's innovative line of rechargeable lighters!

"Excellent lighter! I have arthritis which makes it hard to use a regular lighter. These little lighters are so great and I love the little flashlight at the end. Keep it with me all the time." - Noah

SUPRUS ProVenture Waterproof Outdoor Lighter - Ignite, Illuminate, Conquer

"No butane to buy! I have been testing it out, and it does work great for lighting candles. Also tested it on some tissue paper and it burst into flames. These work super well, and I even ordered more just to have around in case of an emergency." - Keith  

SUPRUS LuminaLight - Portable Arc Lighter for Effortless Candle Illumination

"Rechargeable, Electric Candle Lighter - It's small, works great, recharges easily, and is just a lot of fun using it to light our candles!" - Carol Hansen Grey

SUPRUS FlexGlow Elegant Candle Lighter - Ignite with Grace and Style

Whether you need a waterproof outdoor lighter, a butane-free candle igniter, or a versatile plasma arc torch, SUPRUS has the rechargeable solution you've been searching for. Experience the convenience and reliability that has customers raving. Get your SUPRUS lighter today!


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