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Fuel Your Passion! Unveiling the All-New SUPRUS Model Spade Electric Lighter

Introducing the latest addition to SUPRUS's lineup - the SUPRUS Electric Lighter , model Spade. This cutting-edge lighter combines functionality and style in a sleek cylindrical design. Inspired by the timeless elegance of black and white, its unique pattern features interlocking squares, adorned with a charming white heart and the shape of a spade. This delightful design is reminiscent of the iconic black and white hairstyle sported by the protagonist in the movie "Cruella".

But this lighter is more than just a fashion statement. It's packed with advanced features to enhance your experience. Powered by a USB Type-C rechargeable battery, it provides a reliable and eco-friendly alternative to traditional lighters. The upgraded LED battery display keeps you informed about the remaining charge, ensuring you're always ready to light up the night.

SUPRUS Electric Lighter for Fireworks #SUS-510-Spade

Safety is paramount, and the SUPRUS Electric Lighter for Fireworks excels in this aspect. It features a safety switch and a treble safety design, ensuring secure ignition. The flameless plasma technology guarantees windproof performance, even in the most challenging outdoor conditions. Whether you're lighting candles or setting off fireworks, this lighter is your trusted companion.

Convenience is key, and this lighter delivers. Its portable and lightweight design makes it perfect for on-the-go use. It's ideal for candle enthusiasts, outdoor adventurers, and barbecue aficionados alike. With its versatility and reliability, it's an essential tool for any occasion.

SUPRUS Electric Lighter for Fireworks #SUS-510-Spade


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