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Are plasma lighters well worth it?

In this market,there are different styles of electric lighters including electric powered coil lighters, electric arc lighters (plasma lighters), and rechargeable arc lighters. Electric powered arc lighters make using a lighter more convenient and safer.

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What is a plasma lighter?

Arc lighters are a sort of lighter that use an electric arc to create a flameless warmth supply. Instead of a butane lighter, an arc lighter produces warmness via a small arc of high-voltage electric which is  much warmer! Even in a greater focused region, the plasma arc is hotter than a conventional flame and also good at wind proof.

Precautions for using arc lighters

Never use your fingers to touch the arc, or you will get a same burn but on a smaller place as the flame. But no worries, such an arc is not sufficient to electrocute someone. 


Are arc lighters better for the environment?

Electric lighters have both environmental and social benefits. In USA, more than 600 million lighters are sold to customers a year, and 95% of that are disposable and unused. However, Arc lighters are safe, nontoxic and electric powered which are a more secure bet than butane lighters due to theirs flameless and butaneless. They can even reach to difficult-to-get areas like the candle wick, into your campfire and BBQ, etc.

if you’re searching out a lighter that is dependable, transportable and environmental-friendly, then a plasma lighter is the appropriate choice for you and we’ve got them in stock now! SUPRUS plasma lighters are short charging thru USB, characteristic windproof pulse ignition and come with a lanyard for ultimate portability. So just get it!


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